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Have you been looking forever to find a program that gets you the body you want without all the false promises and wasted effort? Are you ready to focus, commit, and go get the body you've envied in fitness magazines and on TV? Are you ready to stop being one of the people who admires all the "in-shape" people at your gym and become one of the admired? If you are ready to take your health and fitness to the next level, then you are in the right place, welcome to the revolution. Lean Life Revolution is devoted to bringing you the best, most relevant, and highest quality information on the internet to connect you to the body you've always wanted but until now seemed out of reach. Using years of tried and true training and nutrition strategies, Lean Life Revolution provides you with simple solutions to help you to start getting in serious shape, and stop wasting time and money with fitness magazine tear-outs and outdated workout DVDs. Lean Life Revolution is a movement promoting a focus on training, results, and constant self-improvement. We are about progress, not perfection, and welcome exercisers of any level to join us to reach a level of physical development previously reserved for the fitness elite. If you're ready for the kind of results you've only dreamed of, then you're in luck, because the revolution is here.

About Nick...

Nick Ehrlich is the trainer that people in the Baltimore area seek out when they need to lose weight or get in shape in a hurry. Nick's fitness and nutrition programming has helped hundreds of people to get in the best shape of their lives, and is used all over the fitness spectrum, from soccer moms and weekend warriors to top professional athletes and MMA fighters. And while Nick's life currently revolves around researching, writing, and implementing the most effective and popular training programs out there, his life was not always so focused.

Simply put, Nick was a fat kid. Sports were a distant second priority to couch-crashing and competitive snacking during his teen years, and only after falling into an incredible depression did he realize that the only way out of the funk that had consumed his life was to take control and get in shape, and get in shape he did, losing 55 pounds shortly after his 16th birthday. A certified personal trainer as a high school junior, Nick has been working in the industry ever since, getting the chance to work with and be mentored by some of the greatest minds in the fitness industry. Nick now brings all of his incredible experience to you here with Lean Life Revolution, where his passion, energy, and boundless positivity permeates into everything that he touches. He currently lives and works outside of Baltimore, MD with his wife and IFBB Figure Pro Erin Ehrlich, where they are currently expecting their first child.